Integrity International Trust (IIT)

is coordinating 3 key areas to tackle, prevent and recover after these worldwide issues:


Building a community welfare and education centre in Nepal

This is to assist in rebuilding the lives of survivors who have been rescued, providing a safe place to stay, to offer medical attention and counselling and to provide education and skills training in order that victims can rebuild their self esteem and their capacity to make positive contributions.



45% of the GDP in India is from the unrecognised and undervalued ‘informal economy’ where law and policy often fails those most in need. We empower women who are members (1.9million) of the self-employed women’s association (SEWA) in India to avoid the ‘poverty trap’ – the fertile breeding ground for sex trafficking.


Through Justice and Care

Helping bring traffickers to justice and providing extensive care to these victims. Justice and Care have supported 3,244 survivors (1,800 in 2017), trained 43,896 police, judges and community volunteers, rescued an estimated 4,704 victims, made 1,102 successful arrests of perpetrators resulting in 472 prosecutions.